Profila 1M63 BG

Lathes Support-, CNC- & Vertical-

Stock number: 010707
Serial number: 3132
Turning diameter: 630 mm
Swing over crosslide: 350 mm
Swin in gap: 870 mm
Center distance: 2800 mm
Spindle bore: 68 mm
Spindle speed forward: 10-1250 rpm
Spindlespeed reverse: 18-1800 rpm
Threads mm: 1-224 mm
Threads inches: 112-0,5 /inch
Threads Modul: 0,25-56
Longd. feed: 0,06-1,4 mm/r
Cross feed: 0,024-0,518 mm/v
Rapid traverse: 4,5/1,6 m/min
Motor: 15 kW
Manufacturing year: 1990
Length: 4950 mm
Width: 1780 mm
Height: 1420 mm
Weight: 5000 kg


Power on topslide, fixed & following steady rest, 4-jaw chuck

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